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Mars is often a Earth that signifies war. War is denoted by an adversary. Mars also represents fire.  It triggers a dosha in the kundali because it tends to “burn” the relationship concerning a husband and spouse; causing rift, tensions and in some cases can be used to forecast Demise of one partner. Mars can be a planet of valour and vigour and when associated with the lagna works toward creating the individual courageous and headstrong.

hi there sir iam rekha 4m hyd,i born on 5june 1986,iam manglik but i want to know which kind of maglik iam as well as i need to know about my marriage,so sir iam requesting 2 say me this and also i wnt to know that manglik can marriage with manglik or not.

It absolutely was fairly a good Studying for me to sail on your web site. I would like your assistance, so my sincere request to see the compatibility of our birth profiles:

Could you please verify no matter if she is manglik or not? And if not then which exception rule saves her from manglik dosh? I am baffled as some astrologers claim that she's. For minimizing the dosha Swarna Kumbha Viwaha was also carried out.

Firstly congrats then Many thanks for sharing your expertise… and enlighting lots of Other people using your familiarity with Hindu astrology.

It deeply pains that loads of our individuals are totally puzzled by astrology.It is we give it undeserved importance and weep and wail,harping over the strings of adversities.You will find a type of Future that procedures our life,from which an outlet may not be uncovered.We have to learn how to live sensibly.Astrology has significantly less direct bearing on our life.

This Net portal is incredibly handy. I thank you for such a generous eyesight. I would like to acquire your help regarding my long run.

I’m Vaibhav and ready to marry a lady We the two initial acknowledged each other for relationship then informed mothers and fathers to Opt for the wedding rituals… and afterwards somehow our mom and dad gone to Astro-match, and afterwards we link arrived into challenge as who so ever astrologer they have contacted.

Also I'm intending to get married.I have consulted astrologers.They remarked it as not an excellent match.Make sure you help me out about my lifetime and relationship difficulty.

I really like a lady that's 15months elder than me but we wish to marry each other. is there any issues in Woman being elder and you should match our kundli in addition

she is greatly gorgeous, caring together with clever and we intend to make her joyful in all means. I'm a serving lady and my partner is medical doctor. can u you should allow us to know why hold off is occurring in relationship and once the issues are going to be materialised.

i m very tensed in recent times coz of my marriage difficulties..i love a boy of my caste only but his dad and mom are declaring that i have a manglik dosha and saturn is in seventh household…so i m nt gud for that boy..pls find a sloution for us…is my kundli really unsafe for him?

i was just wondering was this meant to become or not i are in a city in which i am not from and possess not been here lengthy i achieved some a person who is additionally not from below and on the job sooner or later i Look at his motorists licence a Portion of my job, and our birthdate was on precisely the same year and the same day April 1st 1981 not to mention my title is April too, we clicked even in advance of i checked the motorists lic.

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